Siddharth Khajuria  

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My attention’s caught by surfaces, facades and fragments, and I’m interested in the ways humans attempt to organise and resist the natural chaos of the world. 

Most of my work takes the form of ongoing series - archives slowly growing around a shared theme. You can explore some of these below.

Info and contact

main site
sidk86 (at) gmail (dot) com

I’ll have an online shop later in 2024. In the meantime, if you’d like to order a print, please email me.

Series and Projects

Ongoing Unsettling  

This series is made up of gentle, playful reminders that the world’s made up. They’re weird talismen that keep posing questions. If everything was once made-up, then surely it can be re-made?

North Circular

A portrait of the north-eastern nook of London’s inner ring-road, the A406. These photographs were taken over the course of many long walks throughout 2020 and 2021. During the pandemic, I lived about 30m or so away from the North Circular. 

Suburban Wandering

With the exception of a few brief interludes, I’ve lived at the suburban edges of north London. This series comprises a tapestry of the hedges, driveways, car covers, fences, fields and more that make-up much of London’s outer perimeter. 

Fences are a Spell

Taking its title from the writer and campaigner Jon Moses’ tweet, this series is a growing archive of fences, thresholds and barriers - often being overwhelmed by the environments they’ve been erected to patrol. 

A Postcard from Tenerife

An askance look at Tenerife, made during a visit to the Canary Island in Autumn 2022, and printed as an A6 booklet, too.

People in the City 

People in towns and cities. A growing collection of greengrocers, florists, tourists, chaiwallahs, revellers, resters, customers, cricketers - and more.