Siddharth Khajuria

I’m a producer, curator and artist. 

As an artist, I work with photography, film and language to poke at the ways we wrestle with a chaotic world. And as a producer and curator, I develop arts projects that emerge from unlikely communities of people exploring a question of shared interest.  

I used to be public programming lead at the Barbican, where I co-led a new hybrid strategy and programming team. More recently, I was Director of Science Gallery London, and am a co-founder of Grand Plan, a charity awarding £1,000 grants to artists of colour.

sidk86 [at] gmail [dot] com

Selected projects and work

✍️ An essay about building a public programme for an arts centre’s public foyer spaces, written with Razia Jordan, part of a larger series we commissioned  

📸  An online home for my photographic work.

🌱 A Science Gallery London programme shaped by collaborations between artists, academics, young people, activists, local organisations and the wider public

📹 A short film I directed - with music by Lonelady and animation by Daniela Sherer - exploring the Crossrail tunnels being built beneath London

📚 An ethnographic book project of dialogue overheard at home, work and in between

📹 A portrait of London I directed, from atop a Barbican tower block, weaving together my photography, Paul Haworth’s poetry and Tom Rosenthal’s music

📢 An programme of events about the power of power curated by Suzanne Alleyne, Banff and the Barbican’s public programming team

🏡 A project exploring who our buildings and spaces are designed for, curated by Jon Astbury and Jos Boys, designed by EDIT Collective and part of the public progamme at the Barbican

⛰ A multi-disciplinary residency and expedition focusing on alternative infrastructures for cultural production

📢 A talk about how unlikely communities of people from different disciplines shape the public programme at the Barbican

👨‍💻 A season about the ways AI is woven into our lives, curated by the Science Gallery London and Future Everything teams

⚙️ An experimental year-long venue at the Barbican, hosting events exploring what it means to be human in the face of technological change

⚙️ A cross-disciplinary exploration of what it means to grow old in Britain today, led by Liminal Space and part of the public programme at the Barbican

📢 A talk about the impacts of digital culture on cultural programming

🎧 A temporary ‘cinema for listening’ in the Barbican’s public foyers, curated by Nina Garthwaite and Eleanor McDowall

📹 A music video featuring beautiful signs and Welsh hills, made with Tom Rosenthal