Hello. I’m Siddharth. I’ve spent over a decade working as a producer, programmer and strategist in the less well defined areas of large cultural organisations.

I’m currently a Senior Producer at the Barbican, where I’m responsible for a public programme of experimental installations and events which (mostly) happen in and around the arts centre’s vast foyer spaces.

I’m also the co-founder of Grand Plan, a new charity which awards three £1,000 grants a month to artists and creatives of colour to realise any kind of cultural project.

Prior to my current role, I co-led the Barbican Incubator between 2015-20. The Incubator was a hybrid strategy and programming team which led the implementation of the arts centre’s strategic plan. This included the transformation of the Barbican’s public foyer spaces, creation of new annual programming themes, and inception of a new public programme.

Prior to working at the Barbican, I was at the BBC. I joined the corporation as a production trainee in 2008, before going on to work in a number of roles across TV, Radio and online, finally as the producer in a small team responsible for creating a new home for the BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals.

I’m also a father, photographer, and other things!

I think this website will forever be a work-in-progress; for the moment, here are a handful of links to things I’ve written, said or worked on:

📢 A talk I gave in April 2021 about how unlikely communities of people from different disciplines shape the public programme I manage at the Barbican

✍️ An essay me and my colleague Razia Jordan wrote in August 2019 about our experiences of building a public programme for an arts centre’s foyer spaces

📢 A talk I gave in September 2018 about the impacts of digital culture on cultural programming

⚙️ An experimental year-long venue which hosted a programme of 90+ events exploring what it means to be human in the face of technological change

🎧 A temporary ‘cinema for listening’ in the Barbican’s foyers

📹 A music video featuring beautiful signs and Welsh hills made with Tom Rosenthal

📹 A trippy short film exploring the Crossrail tunnels being built beneath London

📸 Photos on Instagram

🐦 Occasional tweets

If you’d like to get in touch with me please email: sidk86 [at] gmail [dot] com